Working Papers

"Externalities in the Performance of Firm Value," in progress, August 2021: PDF_Slides.

"Global Trends in the Financial Valuation of Energy Firms," with Ujjayant Chakravorty and Noha A. Razek (draft, 2019).

"Alpha Returns in Publicly Traded Wine and Spirit Companies Worldwide," joint with Gunter Schamel and Stefan Franz Schubert (draft, 2018) @ PDF.

"Pricing Dollar Strength Risk" joint with Marco Sammon; First Version, September 2016; revised August 2017 @ SSRN.

"Determinants of Debt and Economic Regulation: An Analysis of Regulated Infrastructure Brazilian Firms" joint with F. Anuatti, D. Guerrero and J. Yoshino, First version, August 2017 @ SSRN. Version in Portuguese, March 2017, ABGY_Reg.

"Equity Prices and Cartel Activity" joint with Daniel Richards and Heng Yuan; First Version, October 2015 @ SSRN.

"Volatility Measures Based on the Relative Price of SPX Put Options" joint with Marco Sammon, preliminary, February 2015. Slides @ PDF_Slides file. Updates and Marco Sammon's LakeWater Finance blog @ LWF .

"Financial Systems, the BRICS and Economic Performance" joint with Joe A. Yoshino, preliminary, February 2015. Slides @PDF_Slides.

"Worldwide Commodities Sector Market-To-Book and Return on Equity Valuation" joint with Joe A. Yoshino; Oct 2012 version @ SSRN. Shorter version published as "Valuation of the Worldwide Commodities Sector: The Role of Market-To-Book and Return on Equity" in Studies in Economics and Finance, 2017.

"The Stochastic Structure of a Price Index and Inflation," (joint with Joe Yoshino) first version April 2011; available @ SSRN.

Older selected research:

"Aggregate and Idiosyncratic Risk and the Behavior of Individual Preferences under Moral Hazard," revised version, October 2004 PDF file.

"Natural vs. Reproduced Diamonds," (with Jun Ho Bae), draft, February 2004.

"Government Productive Expenditure in the World Economy: Transmission and Implications for Strategic Behavior," (with Stephen J. Turnovsky), revised version August 1996. This paper also appears as sections 8.2-8.5 of the book: International Macroeconomic Dynamics by Stephen J. Turnovsky, MIT Press, 1997.

"On Tax Policy in a Dynamic Real Trade Model," revised version, December 1992. This is a longer version, with full dynamics and proofs, of "On Dynamic Real Trade Models," Economics Letters, 1995. PDF file.

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